Monday, November 16, 2009

Summer Time

In June we went to Utah and while I was at our family cabin going through my Dad's things and dividing things up the kids and Ernie stayed at my brothers house with his wife and kids. My nephews made a slip and slide by their house through the trees. They made a big hole at the bottom with a bunch of tarps in it to make a soft landing. They all had a great time!!!


Kaison and cousin Emily
Aspyn getting ready to get into the water

Courtyn chill'n on the beach

Kaison loves the water

Ernie's favorite thing to do in Lake Powell is the wave runners!

Aspyn with me pulling some cousins on the tube

Cousins Ashton, Brooklin, Lexi with Kaison

Cousins Kennedy, Shyanne, Emily with Kaison and Aspyn

Aspyn and Brooklin had such a fun time being pulled behind the wave runners

Ernie getting ready to to try wake boarding... didn't get up, we'll try again next time.

Kaison loves to fish, he caught several catfish

Kaison finally decided to try the tube like Aspyn. He was so scarred and didn't want to go, but I always make my kids try things just once or twice and if they still don't like it they don't have to do it anymore... until next time of course. Well he tried it with Ashton and he LOVED it.

The day we were leaving Kaison finally got the nerve up to jump off the railings of the houseboat. He gets so nervous trying new things and when he finally does it he usually really enjoys it, I'm glad that he at least tries new things.

Courtlyn fell asleep on the way back into the marina. She loved playing in the water and all the mud.

It was our families first trip to lake Powell without my Dad and we all missed him very much.

We discovered a great pool in the next town south of us called Wray... it's where Ernie went to school. Unfortunately we discovered it at the end of the summer. It had a great place for everyone to play and the slide was a perfect size for the kids. Courtlyn loved it, she wouldn't stop going down it.

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