Friday, November 5, 2010

Kaison's 7 1/2 birthday party

This year Kaison wanted to have a "Sports" theme birthday party and since he couldn't decide on one we did all his favorites.
For a Hockey challenge they had to maneuver a puck around and make a goal while "skating" in shoe boxes.
For baseball they had 1 minute to get as many ball in the hole.
At the Basketball station the kids had to see how many balls they could get in at various marked spots.
For football they had to hold the ball between their knees and go around cones across the yard and back. Soccer they used the same cones but kicked the ball around them and back.
We could not find a sports theme pinata where we live so we made our own.
I think we put too many layers because it took forever to get a hole in it, it was only after we got the metal bat out that we had any luck. The boys had a lot of fun beating the heck out of it.
They finally got their reward for working so hard.
The fiends that came were Michael, Erick and Jesse.
Happy Birthday Kaison
The boys got ice cream in baseball hat, hot dogs, chips and fun sports treats.
Grandpa Kinnie and Aunt Peg (Grandma Mollendor's sister) came to celebrated with us.
Grandma Kinnie was there too to help out.
It was a fun day and Kaison really had a great time seeing some of his friends during the summer.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Kids sports

Aspyn had such a great time doing gymnastics. Two high school girls taught at one of their houses and Aspyn loved it. She learned a lot in such a short time. We were sad to find out that after this summer they were going away for college and will only be teaching in the summers.

They were practicing for their program, Aspyn had to do handstand rolls across the floor and then continued around to the other areas to show what she had learned.

Aspyn really enjoyed swim lessons this year, especially with her friend Grace.
Coutlyn's first time doing swim lessons... she LOVED it and was always sad when she had to leave.
Courtyn had no fear on the diving board and couldn't wait to jump off it. One of the life guards walked up with her this first time. After that it was hard to stop her from cutting in front of all the other kids.
Aspyn was a little nervous at first but after a couple of practices with her noodle she jumped off and swam to the side all by herself.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Aspyn and Courtlyn's party

We decided to have a separate birthday party for the girls with family and friends. Grandpa and Grandma came. Ernie's sister Kim, husband Mike and kids Ty and Kenzie and our good friends from across the street Derek, Mary, kids Grace-Aspyn's best friend and brother Luke- Courtlyn's boyfriend all came to the party. We had a BBQ with cake and ice cream.
It was a great night to be with friends and family.
Aspyn had Grace sleepover for her first slumber party.

I loved making this cake but I loved that that girls LOVED it even more.
Just don't look too close at the towers I ran out of white frosting... oops.

Kaison and Aspyn are in gymnastics and are always showing everyone what they've learned.
Uncle Mike and Aunt Kim Zion
Derek and Mary Roberts

The kids loved playing Guitar Hero all night long.

"WOW" Aspyn turns 5!!

Time flies way too fast, can't believe Aspyn is 5 and is going to be heading to Kindergarten next year. She is such a great help around the house and is always telling everyone that she Loves them. She loves to play outside with Kaison on the tramp, riding bikes, playing ball or trying to keep up with all of his "boy" stuff. I know Aspyn and Courtlyn are going to be such great friends, they love to play dress up and babies with each other. Aspyn is a great big sister to her and is showing her all about being a girl. It is fun to watch them play, it remind me of my little sister Katrina, we are 3 years apart too and can see them doing things we use to do.
We love Aspyn's big smile and are so happy she is a part of our Family!

Courtlyn got her a mitt and balls for T-ball this summer.
Kaison got her a jewelry box that she LOVES!

We got her a scooter 'cause I ran hers over with me car last summer... hopefully she learned her lesson and won't leave this one behind the cars.

Courtlyn turns 2

Can't believe Croutlyn is 2 already. She is such a funny little girl. She is definitely the 3rd child always making sure she is heard and making sure everyone knows what is going on and what she thinks about it. She is also a definite Daddies girl, she screams and starts laughing when she hears or sees him come home from work. She loves Aspyn and Kaison so much, in the mornings she loves to give them big hugs... it's like she hasn't seen them in years. She always gives everyone kisses and hugs. She is such a sweet little girl. Kaison and Aspyn wanted to help decorate Courtlyn's birthday cake, she LOVED it especially all the sprinkles and skittles.

She loves dress up and since she uses all of Aspyn's we decided it was a good time to get her her very own... not that Aspyn doesn't love to wear them too. She was so excited to get it ALL.

The Princess and the Frog

Aspyn and Courtlyn love to put on their towels on after baths and say they are
"The Princess and the Frog".
It's just a good thing Courtlyn doesn't care yet that she is always the Frog.

The flour game

I grew up playing this flour game. You press flour into a small cup put it onto a plate and take off the cup so you are left with a chunk of flour. Put a piece of hard candy on it and your ready for the game. Everyone takes turn slivering off the sides of the flour, whoever makes the candy fall gets to pick up the candy with their teeth and eats it... yum. I decided to have this as our Family Home Evening game and Kaison got the candy. He wasn't thrilled about getting the candy that way, but we all had fun watching him.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Happy 7th birthday Kaison!

Can't believe Kaison is 7 already. He is such a great kid. He tries his hardest at everything he does, even when he's a little nervous about doing something new. Kaison is very soft hearted and hates seeing people he loves getting hurt in any way. He is such a great big brother to Aspyn and Courtlyn and he cares a lot for them. We love him very much and are very happy he is a part of our family forever.

Kaison decided he wanted a green ice cream cake this year. YUM!

He loved playing Rock Band at his cousins house and was sooo excited to get his own.

Grandpa and Grandma Kinnie got him a skateboard that hooks to the Wii fit board they gave us for Christmas.

Aspyn got him a remote control helicopter and Courtlyn got him Indiana Jone Wii game.