Wednesday, September 9, 2009

We moved

We moved to the town of Holyoke, Colorado. It's on the Nebraska, Colorado border. There is only one stoplight, a handfull of stop signs so as you go through the intersections you have to slow down and look both ways. The are some great things and some not so great things about living in a small town. The best part of Holyoke is how nice everyone is. People wave at you all the time ,it doesn't matter if you are walking, driving, riding your bike or just in you yard. Everything is close, I ride my bike with the girls in the bike buggy behind me and Kaison on his bike to everything, even to the grocery store. I hardly ever have to carry my groceries to my car, the people who work at the store wheel my groceries to my car or bike and load it for me, it's great. The biggest suprise when we moved here was the big siren that blasts through the town every week day at 7 am, 12 noon and 6 pm. It's a good thing we are not too close to one of the sirens. Aspyn came in the other morning after the siren went off and said is it dinner time? She usually sleeps through the 7 am one. It also goes off if there is an accident or a fire anywhere in town. The siren sounds different if there is a tornato... haven't heard that one. The church bells play a hymn at 10 am and noon too. The bad things about this small town is that it is far from everything. Our church, a small Walmart, small HomeDepot and a small JC Penny are an hour away in a town call Sterling. The nearest Target and Costco is about 3 hours away, that's how far it is to drive back to Parker. With everything so far aways I am learning to plan my meals better so I only have go to Walmart once a month. I'm learning to shop more on the internet, so that save me money not being able to run to Target and Costco whenever I want... Ernie loves that part, not that I was a HUGE spender before.

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