Monday, November 16, 2009

Kaison and Aspyn's first day of school

Kaison is in 1st grade at Holyoke Elementary he was very excited to finally meet some new kids in town, there are not very many who live by us.

Ms. Dorn is his teacher this year. She is such a great teacher.
I love Holyoke Elementary. They have so many programs to give kids extra help with reading. They are always looking for positive things the kids do every day and giving out dragon dollars that can be used at the school "store". Kaison really likes going to school this year. It is a complete change from last year. I think the big difference is the positive attention he is getting all day from his teacher and staff. A big improvement with this school is the size... a huge plus living in a small town. He started out the year with 17 kids in his class, he has had a few new kids, but it is still under 20. He has made a lot of new friends and loving it.

Aspyn's first day at Preschool. She was so excited and ready to go.

Her school is attached to the elementary until they get the new building done. She loves doing art and being with all her new friends.

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