Monday, November 16, 2009

Crazy kids

Courtlyn kept telling me night, night but it was still too early and I told her to go play. I found her like this.

She thinks she is soooo funny

I was trying to get Kaison to write his spelling words and so we did it in pudding.

Courtlyn had to put her hand up just like the big kids.

Our little Chefs...

Kaison loves to cook so any chance he can he cooks.

Aspyn wants to help whenever she can.

All of the kids have loved this hunting hat. Courtlyn wears it all the time, sometimes she puts it over her eyes and tries walking around the house... she laughs the whole time, even when she hits the wall.

They love to play dress up

The first snow of the year, it didn't last long put it was fun.

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