Thursday, May 13, 2010

Aspyn and Courtlyn's party

We decided to have a separate birthday party for the girls with family and friends. Grandpa and Grandma came. Ernie's sister Kim, husband Mike and kids Ty and Kenzie and our good friends from across the street Derek, Mary, kids Grace-Aspyn's best friend and brother Luke- Courtlyn's boyfriend all came to the party. We had a BBQ with cake and ice cream.
It was a great night to be with friends and family.
Aspyn had Grace sleepover for her first slumber party.

I loved making this cake but I loved that that girls LOVED it even more.
Just don't look too close at the towers I ran out of white frosting... oops.

Kaison and Aspyn are in gymnastics and are always showing everyone what they've learned.
Uncle Mike and Aunt Kim Zion
Derek and Mary Roberts

The kids loved playing Guitar Hero all night long.

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Heather Buttars said...

Wow, that cake is amazing! You have skills. Your kids are so cute!