Friday, November 5, 2010

Kaison's 7 1/2 birthday party

This year Kaison wanted to have a "Sports" theme birthday party and since he couldn't decide on one we did all his favorites.
For a Hockey challenge they had to maneuver a puck around and make a goal while "skating" in shoe boxes.
For baseball they had 1 minute to get as many ball in the hole.
At the Basketball station the kids had to see how many balls they could get in at various marked spots.
For football they had to hold the ball between their knees and go around cones across the yard and back. Soccer they used the same cones but kicked the ball around them and back.
We could not find a sports theme pinata where we live so we made our own.
I think we put too many layers because it took forever to get a hole in it, it was only after we got the metal bat out that we had any luck. The boys had a lot of fun beating the heck out of it.
They finally got their reward for working so hard.
The fiends that came were Michael, Erick and Jesse.
Happy Birthday Kaison
The boys got ice cream in baseball hat, hot dogs, chips and fun sports treats.
Grandpa Kinnie and Aunt Peg (Grandma Mollendor's sister) came to celebrated with us.
Grandma Kinnie was there too to help out.
It was a fun day and Kaison really had a great time seeing some of his friends during the summer.

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