Thursday, May 13, 2010

"WOW" Aspyn turns 5!!

Time flies way too fast, can't believe Aspyn is 5 and is going to be heading to Kindergarten next year. She is such a great help around the house and is always telling everyone that she Loves them. She loves to play outside with Kaison on the tramp, riding bikes, playing ball or trying to keep up with all of his "boy" stuff. I know Aspyn and Courtlyn are going to be such great friends, they love to play dress up and babies with each other. Aspyn is a great big sister to her and is showing her all about being a girl. It is fun to watch them play, it remind me of my little sister Katrina, we are 3 years apart too and can see them doing things we use to do.
We love Aspyn's big smile and are so happy she is a part of our Family!

Courtlyn got her a mitt and balls for T-ball this summer.
Kaison got her a jewelry box that she LOVES!

We got her a scooter 'cause I ran hers over with me car last summer... hopefully she learned her lesson and won't leave this one behind the cars.

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