Friday, May 1, 2009

Courtlyn turns 1

I can't believe she is already one. Courtlyn is such a sweet, fun girl. She was so excited to have this cake, it was a lot of fun to make for her. Her eyes got really big when I put it in front of her.

She got the top layer all to herself to eat and destroy.

It didn't take her long to start getting into it.

She had it everywhere, we had to take it away when he started flicking it off of her hands. She was not happy we took it form her.

Present time!!

Thanks everyone for all my presents, I love them all!!

cousin Brayden

Uncle Phil and Aunt Linda
Kaison, Aspyn, cousins Tyson and Haley
Grandma Kinnie and Ernie

Grandpa Kinnie and cousins Whitney and Kian

We also blessed her that day. Her dad gave her a wonderful blessing.

She looked so pretty in her white dress.

We were so happy to have some of our family with us. Thank you Baker family, Ric, Teresa, Lexi, Kian, Uncle Phil, Aunt Linda, Grandpa and Grandma Kinnie all for coming to this special day!!

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