Thursday, January 8, 2009

Kaison turns 6!!

After eating Kaison's breakfast he picked out for his birthday we packed up and headed down to my other brothers house for Christmas day dinner and Kaison's birthday party. We had to hurry because of course it was snowing again.

Kaison got a lot of fun things for his birthday. He got a Leapster, three games for it, a dart board from my brothers family and earlier that day two Webkins from my sisters family. I always let the kids pick what kind of cake they want me to make and he decided to have a HULK cake.

Can't believe he is 6 already. He is getting so BIG!

My brothers family had us for Christmas this year so we opened those presents that night too.

The morning after Christmas we woke up to over two feet of snow and it continued to snow all day! The kids had a great time sledding, riding the four wheeler and playing in all that snow. When we did finally drive around the sides of the road were so piled up in snow it reminded you of the Rocky movie when he was in Russia training.

One of the days we were there my brother decided to take Ernie ice fishing for the first time. They had a great time!!
As you can tell by the pictures the only fish they caught were their bate fish, they didn't know how to delete on my camera. Don't they look so SURPRISED!

Thanks Uncle Jason, Aunt Kim, Tucker, Shyanne, Colten and Ashton for letting us play and stay at your house, we all had a great time. After spending four days there we finally headed home to Colorado. It was a fun, sad and exciting trip to Utah for the Christmas holiday. The best part was being able to see so much family.

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