Sunday, June 29, 2008

Kaison's 5 1/2 Star Wars Birthday Party...

Every year we have a 1/2 birthday with freinds for Kaison because he was born on Christmas. This year he wanted a Star Wars party.
We started the party off with some Jedi training games. On the first challenge had to do a obstacle course...

that ended in a water gun shooting challenge.
The second challenge was a bomb throwing contest. The kids had to get wet "bomb" and throw them in the target.
The last game a balance challenge. They had to balance on one foot and get marbles with their toes.

They all completed their Jedi training tasks.

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Tammy and Mike said...

I just dicovered your blog as I was looking at Clara's family blog! This is the most exciting thing that has happened all day! What good lookin' kids! We will be checking in often to keep watching them grow! Hope you are doing well!